Now I Know Why Vermont is Called the Green Mountain State

The Big Idea

(E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial movie might have had something to do with our dreams of cycling far away.)

The Preparation

(Every ounce counts when you’re hauling it, so I took a minimal approach to what I was taking with me.)
(Deep philosophical reading)
(I hope one of my girls, when they are a bit older, comes with me on some cycling adventures.)
(Ken and I taking a quick break on an early spring ride. Even though we’ve cycled thousands of miles together over the last half-decade, every ride brings new adventures and memories that will last a lifetime. Ken’s awesome attitude about life, bikes and the road inspired me to start cycling five years ago.)

The Route

Day 1 — Bring it On!

Day 2 — Duct Tape, New Asphalt and Big 80s Music

(Duct tape to the rescue!)
(Jumped into the back of this pick-up to get off of the brand new tar)
I ordered a tall glass of local “Oh Be Joyful” beer. Wow, that was good!)
(Quite possibly the best dinner I have ever had. Great service, amazing food, clean and uber comfortable, The Norwich Inn was the perfect place to stop and recharge.)

Day 3 — A Time Machine, No Starbucks and On Top of the World

(With Karen, the friendly innkeeper with the nice smile, at the Norwich Inn before heading out in the morning.)
(Green mountains and blue skies)
(On top of the world)
(I might be getting too old for this.)

Day 4 — Carpe Diem

(A big shout-out to the hard working guys and gals at the Newport Vermont MacDonald’s for charging my phone while I got a sugar high from a vanilla shake! Thanks! You guys rock!)
(New friends near the Canadian border who told me about the economic woes of northern Vermont.)
(I met so many friendly people, such as Priscilla in Sutton Vermont. Quick with a smile, a wave and directions!)
(I stayed at the A La Claire Fontaine de Beebe in Stanstead, Québec, just a few miles over the Canadian border. Owned and operated by a proud father, Gerald, and his three daughters, the bed and breakfast was comfortable, clean, relaxing. Although I speak no French at all, we somehow ended up having great conversations!)
(My lifelong friend and wingman, Matt, picked me up and drove me home the day after I arrived in Canada. Thanks, Matt! I hope one day Matt and I will do a cross-country trek on motorcycles! What do you say, Matt?!)
(The sky seemed a little more blue up in Canada.)




Wrestler of words, seeker of adventure and great coffee, fan of barbaric yawps

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Shane Robitaille

Shane Robitaille

Wrestler of words, seeker of adventure and great coffee, fan of barbaric yawps

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